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Subscription Box Packaging Ideas - 12 Top Subscription Box Packaging Tips

Subscription Box Packaging Ideas - 12 Top Subscription Box Packaging Tips

The subscription box packaging design should be one of your main focuses when setting up your business or starting a subscription mailing service.

Subscription boxes have been around for a while but they have become a huge business over the last few years with people setting up subscription companies for all different types of product. Once you have decided on your business model and what and who the subscription service is for then you need to get your marketing and advertising strategies in place. An important part of any subscription business is the packaging you are going to use

What do you need to know when designing your subscription box packaging?

  1. To get a price you need to tell the supplier the size of the item your box is containing or the box size you require. There is no such thing as a typical small, medium or large box

  2. What quantity of boxes do you want and do you want them printed or branded in anyway?

  3. It is always helpful for packaging companies to know how heavy the item going inside the subscription box is.

  4. If you are setting up and are intending to have a low initial quantity of boxes then the unit cost will be high whatever style or size of box you wish to have because of the set ups on the various machines needed to produce your packaging

  5. For low volumes of packaging it is worth considering buying boxes from stock and then personalising them with a sticker or a rubber stamp

  6. Although it may be tempting to get a better unit price for your subscription boxes by jumping in with both feet and buying in bulk to get a better unit cost. Think again before making this decision as you may dislike the design or have issues and end up having wasted a lot of money on packaging you just throw away

  7. Most subscription boxes are sent through the post or by a courier. If you are mailing them then if they are outside Royal Mail Large letter -  this will add substantially to your costs

  8. The physical design of a subscription box is generally simple, designed to be flat packed and easy for you or your fulfilment house to assemble – typically an 0427 style box

  9. Why not use a flash rigid box like an i-phone box?. Because unless you have a very high value subscription product the cost of the packaging will be very high and eat into your profit margin unnecessarily. Not only will your initial box be expensive you will need another box or outer to send it out in

  10. There are various printing processes that can be used for the manufacture of your subscription box and their suitability for you depends on what you want.

  11. Digital printing for small quantities, screen printing or litho laminating for larger quantities and flexo printing for the larger quantities. They all have pro’s and con’s. The set up costs for digital printing are low but this is not an effective process for large volumes as the running costs are higher on larger volumes than screen or litho laminating. With flexo the set up costs are high but the running costs are low therefore making it cost effective on longer runs

  12. After you have had prices for your packaging and approved them you need to have a sample made. Your product needs to be sent to the supplier to make the sample and this needs to be sent  to you as you intend sending it – so if you are posting it post it, using a courier then use this service to send it. This is as good as way as any to see if your product and packaging arrives as you would like. Quite often this can be a lengthy process as you may have to do this a few times. it is an important part though and shouldn’t be rushed.

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Alison Adamson