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As we produce custom made advent calendars all the images you see on our website are just images of some of the advent calendars we have manufactured in the past, if you cant see an image of the style of advent calendar you are looking for it doesn’t mean we cant produce it.

We have some Advent Calendar Top Tips available for you to download here.

Calendars are typically a Christmas item but can be used as a countdown to events and seasons – such as Easter. Create-this have increased their range of Advent Calendars. We have produced scratch off advent calendars, A4 simple advent calendars with windows (not holding content), cost effective calendars with a range of inserts to hold your contents, luxury and cost effective chocolate advent calendars. The most popular of these unsurprisingly is the chocolate advent calendar. Many of our clients use our luxury chocolate advent calendars as a gift for their staff or clients. Most companies only supply advent calendars that come with chocolate in vacuum formed trays. We do supply these calendars as they are a cost effective solution but we also supply luxury chocolate advent calendars. With the chocolate advent calendars our prices are based on either you supplying the chocolate (pre-wrapped) or we can purchase the chocolates for you, we insert the chocolates in the advent calendars if required.

Bespoke advent calendars vary widely in price depending on the quantity and style required and how much fulfilment we do , we can supply them made for you to insert contents and do the final assembly which reduces your outside costs. The more complicated an advent calendar looks generally the more expensive. The advent calendar with drawers is the most expensive style we have shown on our site at the moment but again cost varies with the quantity and whether it is a bespoke calendar or we can use stock cutters.

The advent calendar market has expanded and we have produced them for various other items including craft products, coffee pods and beard oil. Together with the more conventional simple advent calendars, we have also produced some large promotional advent calendars including a Christmas tree advent calendar over 6ft tall and another one standing 1 metre high.

Also in this section are some typical Christmas promotional items , these are generally used as direct marketing items and again can be sent out to your clients as a bespoke Christmas card or sent out to employees as a thank you. Some of these products are desk top so can be retained by the recipient and will keep your message visible.

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