Countdown calendar or Event calendar

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This countdown calendar was designed for a 100 day countdown and has 100 windows. It held a variety of different content and although it was large it was relatively flat, this large advent calendar was designed as bespoke advent calendar promotion for a corporate client this calendar had 100 windows all holding a different item that were varying sizes and weights. Because of the varying contents we had to design a custom insert that would hold the items in place and also ensure they wouldn’t get damaged in transit, to help with this we also designed and produced a custom corrugated outer. Before final production got underway we produced a few samples and sent them out by overnight courier, only once they arrived in perfect condition with the contents in place did we proceed to proofing stage. No samples are available of this product until after initial quotes have been done

Available Options

  • Custom advent calendars produced
  • Litho printing
  • Prints both sides
  • Lamination
  • Custom outer available
Made To Bespoke Size

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