A3 traditional advent calendar 40 windows

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A3 traditional advent calendar 40 windows - AA1479

This large simple advent calendar was designed and produced for a Museum and was sold in there shop. A simple advent calendar has no contents and is a very cost effective promotional item. With large quantities we can assemble them on machine keeping the unit costs low enabling you to make more profit if it is a retail item, with smaller quantities we hand assemble them. This advent calendar design is a great choice for a countdown calendar, event calendar, wellbeing calendar to name just a few ideas. Also used as a promotional item by stores, museums, leisure attractions etc. The large simple advent calendar is available in A3 size or a bespoke design can be created, the calendar is fully printable on both sides. Plus the pictures behind all the doors are also designed by you to suit your campaign.

Large Simple Advent Calendar - AA1479 40 small windows, AA2418 40 larger windows, AA2472 25 windows

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Available Options

  • Dimensions A4, A4, A5 or bespoke
  • Existing tools for A3 with either 25 or 40 windows and A4 version with 25 windows
  • Litho printing, prints both sides
  • Foil blocking, embossing, uv varnish, laminated
  • Custom Advents Produced
  • Foil blocking, embossing, uv varnish, laminated
  • Bespoke sizes can be designed, tooling costs would be incurred
Made To Bespoke Size Mailing and fulfilment services available