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All of the pop up cards we design are manufactured in the UK. We produce custom made pop up cards and have put a selection of previously produced items on our website. I remember years ago hearing that print was a dying trade and would not be around much longer due to the great technological advancements. No-one will want printed books or magazines and why would you send out a piece of mail in the post when you can send an email campaign or download a book or magazine?. The answer is simple people still like having something tangible, like a book to turn the pages on or a direct mail piece that has come through the post.

While email campaigns are useful and can reach a huge audience it is known that the response rate is low. However creative direct mail pieces including pop up mailers, 3d cards and the other direct mail ideas we have examples of on our site have a higher than average response rate. We use pop up mailers ourselves when trying to win new business and include them in with our presentation box samples, people always remember the mailing even if its not of particular interest and we have sold a lot of pop up mailers just by sending them out as an additional piece of marketing.

At Create-this we believe you can create a lasting impression with our range of innovative direct mail designs. Our 3D and pop up direct mail products are designed to capture attention and deliver return on investment. Whatever your goals and objectives we have a direct mail idea to suit your campaign and make it a success. Choose from our range of creative mailer products, adapt a design or create something completely bespoke. The team at Create-This will manage the production of your mailer from concept to dispatch, ensuring the best possible methods and technology are used, driving quality, efficiency and creatively through every stage of the project. Digital printing technology allows for high quality small runs and personalisation. We can also turn large campaigns around very quickly and efficiently, using litho print processes.

There are two main types of 3dimensional creative direct mail items on our site, these are Pop up mailers and 3d pop up cards or self rise cards. A pop up mailer is a direct mail item which is mailed flat and when you open the envelope the item automatically pop’s up, it is powered by an elastic band. A pop up mailer can stand alone or be affixed inside a cover. You may decide that instead of putting your pop up creative direct mail item inside a cover you want to mail it in an outer and put an additional text sheet in the envelope. The other main type of direct mail item is a pop up card, this term is a bit misleading as a pop up card doesn’t involve any elastic bands, the card rise’s (pops up) because of how it is affixed to the 4pp card it is in. This is a creative direct mail piece which can be mailed flat and depending on the design can be mailed at a standard letter rate. When you open up the direct mailer an image rises up – there is no elastic band involved. A pop up card is a very flexible way of creating an impact with your promotional mail piece. They are only limited by the extent of your imagination.

There are also a wide variety of other types of mailing items shown on this site, changing picture mailers which include manual or automatic dissolvers (slatted mailers), colourwise where you can change from a line drawing to a full colour image, window revealer which as it sounds you reveal a new picture in the window through to flicker books which are a flat book where you pull a tab and the pages change to a flicker book box which is as the flicker book but can hold product as well. Ready reckoners can be used to give lots of facts and figures, desk tidies and desk top calendars ensure your information is available all year round. Expanding mailers in various formats contain a lot of information in a small space, self make items are cost effective build your own items and then finally personalised items – many of the formats above can be produced as a personalised item.

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