Jack in a box (open sided pop up cubes in a tray with a sleeve)

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The Jack in a box pop up cubes are like the poppers but because they pop up when the tray is removed from the sleeve the pop up effect is even more effective. There are 4 small cubes and each one can be individually branded and printed on 4 sides. A small sleeve is placed under the open sided pop up cubes with additional information. Commonly supplied with 4 open sided pop up cubes.

Available Options

  • 40mm open sided pop up cubes
  • 60mm open sided cubes
  • Bespoke sizes available
  • Supplied with your required amount of open sided pop up cubes
  • Finishes - Litho printing, foil blocking, lamination, embossing, uv varnish
  • Print on poppers and wallet, Print on reverse if required
Made To Bespoke Size No minimum order quantity or order value Mailing services available