Mailing and Subscription Boxes

All of the pop up cards we design are manufactured in the UK . As we produce custom made mailing and subscription boxes all the images you see on our website are just images of some of the boxes we have manufactured in the past, if you cant see an image of the style of box you are looking for it doesn’t mean we cant produce it. One of the products Create-this specialise in is custom made subscription boxes also known as mailing boxes. All the cardboard boxes designed and produced by Create-this are made to measure to your size and material requirements. Subscription/mailing boxes can be manufactured out of varying materials but the most common are manufactured from corrugated cardboard, box board or kraft board. All our cardboard boxes are custom made and are made to measure.

As with our other packaging we do not hold stock subscription/mailing boxes. Mailing boxes are used either as it sounds to mail an item or items or they can be used to encase a presentation box to prevent it getting damaged in transit. They can be as simple as a basic tuck in end carton or 0427 style (pizza) box or the box can be supplied with bespoke fitments to hold your items in place while being mailed. These boxes can be printed or plain, like all bespoke packaging the higher the quantity the lower the unit price.

A subscription box is just a different name for a mailing box Although the term subscription box is normally used when you are mailing products out on a monthly basis.

Since the subscription box market launched in the UK a few years ago there are now a wide range of products being sold in this format; including beauty, healthy snacks, tea and coffee, toys, seeds, crafting and even socks. The packaging that delivers these items is part of the subscription experience and is an opportunity to communicate the brand and create customer loyalty.

Create-This design and make packaging for a wide range of clients and have many years experience creating custom boxes that suit each client’s project requirements. Many of these boxes are for promotional marketing, product launches or special editions. Create-This work with a vast number of materials, print and finishing options to match the customer’s specification, covering anything from high end presentation packaging to regular corrugated packs.

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