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The Return of the Welcome Pack as a Marketing Tool

The Return of the Welcome Pack as a Marketing Tool

In this age of email marketing, websites and apps one way to create a point of difference is by giving a welcome pack when customers sign up to your services. The welcome pack is a promotional box containing information about your services and possibly one or a number of themed gifts.

The welcome pack can help create customer loyalty and make the service offering seem more tangible. It can be used to delight the customer when they sign up or can also be hinted at as part of the marketing to drive sales.

The welcome pack concept is used across many industries, but examples would be the cuddly toys presented in boxes by car insurance companies, the box of home starter goods given away by mortgage companies to home buyers, a pack given when customers arrive on their holiday or sign up to a golf club or with a new private school. There are many examples and possibilities.

Create-this design and make promotional packaging using a wide range of materials, print and finishing techniques to suit each client’s requirements.

Alison Adamson, Director at Create-This commented “ We make custom boxes printed with your branded design and communication, fitments inside the box can be designed to hold promotional items in place, for example a booklet and a pack of golf balls or printed items with a promotional pen and candy”

The boxes are bespoke and are fully brandable. They can be presented to customers in person or self mailable and sent out in the post, to see more designs by Create-This go to

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Alison Adamson