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What Is Direct Mail?

What Is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is advertising literature that is sent in the post to a mailing list.

How effective is direct mail? According to the DMA ( Direct Mail Association) 56% of people believe that printed marketing is the most trust worthy form of communication, 66% of consumers keep their mail for over 2 weeks, average response rates are 4% and overall 7% of receivers will take some sort of action.

How to make direct mail more interactive

Pop Up Cards

Pop up cards are often used in greetings card designs, but are also very effective in direct mail. The cardboard engineering design adds a 3D element to your message. The 3D design can be as simple or intricate as you require. Imaginative or amusing pop up cards are interactive, kept and shared with others.

Bespoke Mailers

The cardboard engineers at Create-This can design bespoke 3D mailers based on an idea or a drawing, creating a direct mail piece that’s completely unique.

Alison Adamson