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Subscription Boxes and Mailing Boxes by Create-This

Subscription Boxes and Mailing Boxes by Create-This

Selling products by subscription is becoming ever more popular. We have the capability to work with everyone from start-up businesses with low volume requirements through to more established businesses with higher volume requirements.  As with all bespoke items with low volumes the unit prices are high but we manufacture in the most cost effective way possible and are happy to show the cutting forme costs as an extra, these are a one off cost unless the design is changed.

The boxes can be supplied plain or printed. If they are printed then we can produce them digitally printed, litho printed and mounted, screen printed and flexo printed. The type of print we would recommend would depend on the desired finished result and the cost effectiveness.

On low quantities we would digitally print, this process can be used for either small or large boxes. If you want larger quantities then screen printing can be cost effective depending on the volume and print requirements, if the job is to be printed 4 colour process then litho print is the answer. 

Digitally Printed click here to see a video of a digitally printed item

Screen Printed click here to see a video of a screen printed item

Litho Printed click here to see a video of a litho printed item

When you get to larger volumes then flexo is the most cost effective, the set up costs are the highest of all the processes but the running costs are much lower – print capabilities are more restricted but the end result is a quality box.  We have shown images of each of the print processes below.

As you know at Create-This we have a large variety of standard mailers and packaging designs.  We do not offer stock presentation boxes but will and happily design and produce presentation boxes from 1 to 100,000’s. Either send us your concepts and let us do the technical design for you or let us know what you want to achieve with your mailing and we will supply some concepts for you.

We have three websites, the generic site for Create-this, which gives a good overview of our products and two more specific sites. One for mailers –  and one for packaging – If you would like samples or prices then please either contact us on [email protected] or call 01276 536436 for any sample or price requests

Antony Buss