Fulfilment and Mailing

Why use Create-this for mailing and fulfilment? The main reason is that generally it will save you time, effort and more importantly money. We recently produced a pop up mailer for a Client and delivered it to their address. Only while we were delivering the job did we find out they were labelling them all in house and mailing them out at the post office using stamps. Unfortunately that year we were too late to make cost savings but we did a costing exercise and found out we could have saved them approximately £4000 and a lot of hard work.  As the mailing campaign was so successful we produced the pop up mailer for them again the next year and we took care of the mailing and fulfilment. Here at Create-This we have many years experience in producing mailers and we also often take care of the final stage of the process too, fulfilment and mailing. Whether for UK or international postage, cost-effective postage is vital for direct mail and we can advise you on how to keep costs down from the outset.

Depending on the size of the campaign, we can arrange postage costs to be paid and printed on the mailer itself during manufacture or franked at the final stage. Through our mailing account with the post office and other suppliers we can obtain the best possible prices for you, ensuring your direct mail campaign is sent out efficiently.