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All of the presentation boxes we design are manufactured in the UK. We design and manufacture custom made bespoke presentation boxes and where possible we use cardboard fitments rather than foam as it is more environmentally friendly. We buy the majority of our material from one supplier which means most of our materials are carbon offset. The the images of boxes you see on our website are just images of some of the boxes we have manufactured in the past, these are all manufactured in the UK. We design and produce custom packaging so please send us your requirements and we will supply you with a quote Custom presentation boxes designed and manufactured in the UK printed to your size and with your bespoke design. We have no minimum order requirements but the lower the quantity the higher the unit price. All of our creative packaging is custom made ,we don’t hold stock boxes. Low quantities of custom made boxes are always more expensive than buying a stock box as these are mass produced. However the custom made boxes we produce are designed and printed to your exact requirements.. Our presentation boxes can be produced with no fitments , or with either a cost effective environmentally friendly cardboard fitment or a foam fitment.

Why would you use a made to measure box ?. There are many reasons it can be for retail, pitches to win new business, packaging for your product and the launch of a new product to name just a few examples.

We at Create-this have looked at holding stock promotional boxes but as the requests on box style , shape and dimensions vary so widely we decided against this .We happily produce custom packaging in any quantity. There is no minimum order quantity or order value but as with any bespoke product the lower the quantity the higher the unit price. We also design and produce large volumes of promotional boxes, where possible these are designed for machine assembly but we have also bulk produced 100,000’s of boxes that are hand assembled. With packaging design as with most design to get a high quality look and feel you do not have to reinvent the wheel, even the most basic box design can be made to look and feel high end by the graphical design and/or finishes applied.

The promotional boxes shown on this website are a small selection of what we have produced in the last 10 years and come in a wide variety of materials and sizes. The most popular style of box we produce is a hinged lid presentation box followed closely by a lift off lid presentation box. As you can see there are many different ways of packaging your product or products.

We design and make presentation boxes on a daily basis. The boxes are used for a wide range of campaigns, trade promotions, product launches, promotional boxes, direct mail, special editions or product packaging. The boxes can be supplied with no fitment, a board fitment or a foam fitment. Although foam fitments are very popular at the moment we generally recommend using a board fitment where possible as we can generally design these to be produced with the main box, this means they can be manufactured at minimal cost. Foam fitments do have their benefits but they are the more expensive option and lead-time for these is longer than a board fitment.

Create-this has many years of design and cardboard engineering expertise making boxes to a high standard. We can advise on materials, design and fittings to suit your budget and requirements. Presentation boxes can carry products, promotional items or simply a booklet. We produce short, medium and long runs all to a high standard. A wide range of decorative finishes are also available, including foiling, lamination, varnishes and other specialist effects

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